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Hannah Sharma


Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: 6 Simple Steps

The last couple of years have taught me that there is still so much in this world that I want to do, to explore and to conquer. I want to look back on the memories I make with joy and pride and I want you to want that as well. Life is too short to let everything just pass us by. We’re not here for mediocracy. We are here for life – messy, scary, complicated life which offers so much opportunity, beauty and love if we can just take the leap into the abyss.

Like anything, making the decision to jump and fully committing to it is not easy. In fact, it is so terrifyingly difficult that many of us opt for a world within our comfort zone, safe in the knowledge that nothing awful will happen to us here. While taking the easy road has it perks it leaves no room for growth and change. It leaves little room for opportunity and reward.

With so much going on in the world right now, taking any more steps out of your comfort zone may feel overwhelming. These gentle small steps will help you start to get the ball rolling on those dreams you have been putting off.

1) Start Small.

It is scary and overwhelming but any movement forward is progress. Take the tiniest of steps to get you moving. All the tiny steps you take will add up and you will get to where you want to be.

2) Start Saying Yes.

If it scares you but you want to do it, say yes. If you don’t know how yet but you’re excited by the possible outcome, say yes. If it is something you have been putting off for ages because of fear, say yes.

Say yes. You can figure out the rest later. Once you are committed your mindset will change and you will work out what you need to do next.

3) Focus on the Fun.

Start thinking about all the positives that will happen on the way. You will start to learn more about yourself and your confidence will grow. The new experiences you will open yourself up to can be endless. Enjoy it all. Take it all in. This is what life is all about.

4) Visualise the end result.

Close your eyes and imagine you have reached your goal. What will you be thinking? How will you feel? What will the people you love be saying?

Really let yourself get lost in this feeling. Does it feel good? Let that feeling be the fire that helps you move forward.

5) Keep Going.

The more you move, the more momentum you will have to keep going. Stay small if you need to, but stay moving. Be kind to yourself at all stages. There will be difficult moments, times when you doubt yourself and your goals, but keep pushing and practising and you’ll see your confidence grow.

6) Reward, Rest and Readjust.

Celebrate yourself – acknowledge the steps you have taken, the growth you are committing to and changes you are embracing. Reward yourself for the wins – big or small.

Give yourself a break – physically and/or mentally. This isn’t easy. Life will never be easy. But it can be amazing. Rest up and be kind to yourself in every way possible. You are surviving and you are learning.

Keep coming back to your plans and readjust them so that they work for you. It can be as flexible and fluid as you need it to be. Do what works for you, always.

Final Thoughts

What is the worst that could happen? Honestly - keep asking yourself that question. Limiting your experiences is only going to end in regret. Life is short and you deserve to achieve everything and anything you want. Jump into that abyss and see all of the possibilities that open up in front of you.

It is going to be hard but that will make the end result so much better.

Be kind to yourself, go at your own pace but keep going. You can do it.