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Hannah Sharma


How To Take Control Of Your Goals In 2021

There are so many conflicting opinions surrounding New Year's Resolutions. Some believe them to be useless as many people set them and by day five of January they have broken them, justifying it one way or another. Some suggest that goals and resolutions should be made constantly and consistently though out the year, not just for New Year. Others are all for this tradition, choosing to see the New Year as a clean slate and a great time to set new goals.

Personally I like the idea of them. I agree that all goals and resolutions should be continuously looked at, reassessed and flexible. I also think that if it takes the New Year to start this reassessment, to think about what you want to achieve in the future and to kick start your year in a positive way, why the hell would you not? We are all human and we all work in different ways but if you know what works for you, do that. If you don’t know what works for you yet, start experimenting and get to know.

When goals are set you have clear aims and objectives to channel your energy towards. You have a clear path. Your goals are positive statements of intent, well-formed and made with absolute commitment and followed through with daily action. Without goals you are likely to sway from your journey as you are not in control. It is your basic right as a human being to control and shape your own future. If you haven’t already, use the New Year as an excuse to take control and start figuring out what you want.

"It is your basic right as a human being to control and shape your own future."

Ask yourself:

What do you want? A lot of people are aware of what they don’t want and where they don’t want to be. This could be a great place to start – if you don’t want that, what is it that you do want?

How will you know when you have achieved it? Picture what will be happening in your life now that you have reached your goal. What will you be thinking? What will you be feeling?

When do you want it by? Think about a deadline for this goal. You will become more accountable and have even more focus.

How will achieving it benefit you? If this is a goal of yours you will be able to see the positives that come from achieving it. If you can’t answer this, is it really your goal?

Take the time to identify what you want and build up a clear, detailed picture of what achieving the goal will look like.

Some tips for taking control and setting your goals:

- Start with the end in mind. Focus on the end outcome. Work out what it is you really want to achieve. Be as specific as possible.

- Use positive language in regards to your goal. Think about what it is you want to gain, not what you want lose. Think about what you want to feel instead.

- It has to be achievable and possible for you. If you set goals that you don’t believe you can reach you will be less likely to even try.

- Understand that your goals are changeable. They have to be constantly reviewed. Keep checking in on them to see if they are still relevant to you and the life that you are building.

- Write them down. Write your goal and the deadline to achieve it by in a positively stated sentence. Write it on your phone, in your diary or journal, on a white board or a scrap of paper. This helps you be clear on what you want and helps to motivate you to take action. According to statistics we are 42 per cent more likely to reach our goals if they are written down.[1]

So whatever you want to call them – New Year’s Resolutions, goals, intentions, dreams, aims, objectives – start taking control of them. If you have a goal, you have a focus and you are taking responsibility for your life. Challenge yourself and see what happens.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” – Tony Robbins

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