Pink Stairway

Hi. I'm Hannah...

Nice to meet you. You are on this page for a reason so it's only fitting I tell you a little about me. 

Until two years ago I was doing my thing, socialising with friends, eating out and trying new  restaurants, travelling the world, dancing at concerts and watching my growing family flourish. 

At the end of 2018 my world turned upside down due to an unforeseen health issue that led to a chest infection that cost me my heart (you know, that organ that keeps the rest of you going).
​It has been a turbulent couple of years during which I spent four months in hospital until I received my heart transplant. It was not easy but here I am today, able to tell you my story.

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 10.17.03.png

My donor heart has come hand in hand with a new lease of life and a different perspective of the world around me.


Life is too short for all of our bullshit; it is time to really start living.
Having been so close to death, I started to think about the things I had or hadn’t achieved so far. Were the memories I made the ones I wanted to look back on? Was I happy with the path I had been taking? Or had I allowed other factors get in the way? Did I allow circumstance, people, self-doubt or inflicting views get in MY way?​


After years of self-reflection and soul-searching  I have realised exactly how I want to live my life and it feels amazing.

Hannah x